the foundation's pulse depends on you

Time, treasure and talent… the Lawrence E. Jackson Foundation respectfully requests that you find it in your heart to share one or all with our mission. With so many in need of a helping hand, so many causes worthy of support any appeal should be partnered with an answer to a righteous question – Why invest in the LEJF?

Over the past decade this ongoing celebration of a young man’s life has been characterized by equal measures of compassion and accountability. Beyond financial aid, Jackson scholars have ready access to a potent and very personal safety net of guidance and encouragement from board members and foundation supporters.

“It has become like a family and that’s what I am so grateful for – the family that has grown year by year,” said Kevin Jackson, Lawrence’s brother and President of the Lawrence E. Jackson Foundation.

An uncommon degree of intimacy and involvement inspired by the foundation’s namesake.

“This is a time of year we remember how giving and loving and caring he was to others,” said Hazel Jackson, Lawrence’s mother.

Proof of performance lies in the success and loyalty of scholarship recipients, nearly all of whom have received their degree or on track for graduation.

“It is just wonderful to see the difference the scholarships have made in their lives. When they speak they are so grateful and humble,” said Eden Misgina, a longtime LEJF supporter and auction coordinator.

“The merit of this mission is beyond question. The people involved are driven by profound faith. Most of all, the students fully embrace the gift. I have witnessed the grace and it is special,” said Greg Groogan, Fox 26 Reporter and LEJF supporter.

For those who crave a genuinely personal connection to the recipient of their caring, Hazel Jackson offers a challenge.

“Come and talk to the students and see what a blessing we are and have been for them. I feel as if they are my children as well,” she said.

It seems for the Jackson’s, making a difference has only deepened the desire to do more.

“Once involved in the giving, you receive so much back. It’s a two way street. You give and something come backs to you,” said Lawrence Jackson, Lawrence’s father. “It’s like getting 46 children that we have to nurture and help along the way. It is healing.”